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1  •  Are you really satisified with the progress of your endeavors?
2  •    Have you defined your vision of your success?
3  •  Do you want to save time, money and energy as you seek your success?
4  •    Would you like easy ways to sharpen the focus of your actions?
5  •  Ever wish you knew how to shorten the business planning learning curve?
6  •    Do you wish you had a check list of the right questions to ask to test your vision?
7  •  Are you tired of specialists that lack the insights of a strong generalist?
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John C. Randall

     My mission is to help the truly ambitious decision maker achieve a higher level of success.  If you are doing well, use my insights to do even better!

     How do we start?  First I will learn about your vision, mission, plans, situation and challenges.  Then I will apply a very diverse range of experience and hard won insights to save you time and effort in getting desirable results.

     Is my perspective academic or real world?  Extensive insights have been gained by being the founding owner and operator of several different business operations serving private and public sectors.  Helping guide the formation of several non-profits has sharpened these insights.  Operating an award winning advertising agency also broadened my perspective on a wide range of critical business development issues.

     Many unique and valuable insights come from being the confidential alternative to the Board of Directors for a wide variety of privately owned entities since 1981.  Knowing what works, and even more imporantly, what does not work, helps you avoid making costly mistakes. 

     Other insights have come from being the author of business books, articles, creator of original seminars/workshops and speaker on many business and enterprise achievement topics.  The uniqueness of the methods I use is reflected by my nationally trademarked MasterMinder® Success Systems.

     My generational and global perspectives were refreshed and updated by my part-time role for several years during this past decade as an adjunct professor at a private university.  My concentration was on strategic business marketing, enterprise process and project management, and leadership development of undergraduate and MBA students.  Results included a list of MBA student developed marketing-driven business plans and projects, some of which have now become reality. 

     Prior experience for 20 years as a Professional Engineer and manager with four major corporations, as well as two degrees in chemical engineering and an education at Harvard Graduate Business School provided the mid-life springboard for this endeavor.  

     Who has used my services?  Those using my services range from entrepreneurs and start-ups to CEO's, well-established small and big business units, federal and state governmental units, non-profits and associations, academic institutions and even some consultants, etc.  They are located from coast to coast!

     Services may be reflected by an advisory role, being a "Sounding Board", guidance on the development of a marketing-driven business plan, custom development of resources and learning experiences, comprehensive situation analysis of the enterprise or business, etc., always with a focus on getting results.  

     Want to know more?  A summary professional profile is on "Experience" page.  For more information or to order some of the publications that I have authored, please visit  Also, if you are seeking a speaker, please feel free to contact me.

     Ready to start?  Let’s chat – and if it makes sense to both of us, I will draft up a “suggested plan of action” for the next step!  

    Why wait?  Call me right now for an appointment:  (804) 746-4450.     


P.S. For those who have inquired recently, here is an update posted on August 10, 2023:   I am far from retired!  I am continuing in my role as a confidential advisor serving individual CEO's and generational business inheritors who qualify and desire to enhance their skills by customized learning experiences in marketing, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, leadership and creative innovation. Likewise, I am continuing to provide insights to other business and technical professionals of all ages based on my work as the creator and author of Mastering Your Marketing and the MasterMinder® Success Systems.  Please contact me for more insights, fee schedule and my availability (804) 746-4450.  

And yes, I am on Linkedin and Facebook, (but frankly, I rarely have much time for social media, and prefer to schedule conversations with truly interested individuals.  Due the frequency of robo-calls, it is best if you leave a personal message on my voice mail or use my scheduling system via my contact page).  Talk with you soon ....

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