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Comprehensive Curriculum Vita, John C. Randall, 2017


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     Confidential sounding-board interactions with founders, owners, Boards, C-suite executives and leaders who seek pragmatic insights on how to save time, energy, resources and how to achieve a higher level of personal and professional success.

     On-call or part-time; retainer or billing rate basis.  Details?  Call me now.


Harvard Graduate Business School 1968, PMD 16.

North Carolina State University, MSChE 1964.

University of Florida (Gainesville), BSChE 1959.

Extensive list of professional development short courses.


     Since 1981, the core focus of my professional work has been to function as a "Consultant's Consultant" at the expert level, concentrating on business development matters for significant and emerging national-level business operations and ventures.  Primary clients served are privately owned corporations and select government agencies.  Pro-bono clients include non-profits such as associations and churches.   

     Also, since 1959, successful diverse employment experience and results with four Fortune 100 companies, the Federal government, a private university, co-founder of an award-winning advertising agency, and founded and led three for-profit companies and two formative non-profits.

BUSINESS FOUNDER/OWNER: Marketing communications firm (1989), consulting firm (1981), publishing company (1979) and recreational products (sailboats) distributor (1973).  Maximum employed full-time personnel: 18.

BUSINESS OPTIMIZER: Confidential business optimization advisor to more than 200 owner/operators of closely-held business operations.  Services, construction, hi- tech, manufacturing, etc.  Market research, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR: Adjunct Faculty (part-time).  From December 2010 to June 2013, developed and led strategic business marketing and leadership courses for MBA and undergraduate programs in an accredited private university.  Focused on ethical entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, reflected by student developed marketing-driven business plans and MBA final projects.

CORPORATE PROFESSIONAL: Almost twenty years in competitive corporate environments of Mobil, Corning, Celanese and Olin.  Rapid career progression in staff, line, and special project management assignments.  Highest positions: Operating: major division level engineering manager, manufacturing plants in five states (approximately 200 engineers). Staff: major division level strategic planning.  Other: public relations and viewpoint speaker on energy issues.

GOVERNMENT SERVICES: Advisor, trainer and consultant to a variety of Federal, State, and local governmental operations, including national and state level Small Business Administration (SBA) personnel.  Evaluator of government operating systems at Federal and State levels.  Also GS-12 in DLA in early '80's - introduced micro-computer use in HMDB.

OPERATIONS MODELING:  Created spreadsheet software that was run on mainframe computers in late 70's for "what if" optimization of business operating parameters (pre-Apple and VisiCalc).  Have created hundreds of spreadsheet systems since then for a wide range of business applications and operations.

INVENTOR: Three commercially successful U.S. patents.  Cigarette filter used in Europe by Pall Mall Rothmans in early 70's; unique machinery to make the filter; chemical recovery system for toxic and corrosive liquids - now one of the  cornerstone products of a global chemical process equipment corporation.

AUTHOR/ADVISOR: Speeches, reports, published books, seminars and workshops presented to thousands in a wide range of venues.  Most dealing with subjects important to business and economic sectors: marketing, management, financial analysis, employee development, viewpoint speaking, communications, business valuation and related issues.

PUBLIC SPEAKER:  Representing self and various organizations, originate and present speeches, seminars and workshops on wide range of business and economic topics.  Television, radio and extensive press coverage.

ASSOCIATIONS, NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: Founder, Ultra-Small Business Alliance; Co-Founder, Churches/Christians That Care (; Founder, Global Christian Movement (; Founding Board, Sonja Lauren Foundation; Founder of WNC AIChE Chapter; President, Business Resource Center; Board, Prevent Child Abuse, Virginia;  Optimization consultant for IABTI headquarters (international non-profit association).

MASTERMINDER®:  Creator and presenter of the MasterMinder® Success System for focused self-management and self-leadership.  Author of the book, "How To Save Time and Worry Less" that is the backbone of a dynamic one-day seminar/workshop.  The MasterMinder® Success System covers concepts, techniques and processes that have proven effective and stood the test of time in a variety of organizations and environments (http://www.  Was referenced by Steve Covey in his best-seller, "First Things First." 

OTHER:  "Mastering Your Marketing":  Authored, extensive client-use testing, development and refinement leading to the creation of the Guidebook for "Mastering Your Marketing".  The design of this copyrighted content is for enterprise operators, owners, founders and those who are seeking advancement as an intrapreneur or entrepreneur.  Features a framework of five major milestones, and 24 Guides, 40 hours, five day design leading to a draft of a marketing-driven business plan.  Self-paced study materials or private group seminar/workshop arrangements are available on a private contract basis through the Randall Group, Inc. (


Inventor, awarded three commercially viable and used U.S. patents:

1. Cigarette filter used in Europe by Pall Mall Rothmans in early 70's (U.S. Patent 3,804,695 Apparatus for making tobacco smoke filters. March 25, 1971).  Sold on the Pall Mall Super Filter cigarette (provided a significant reduction of tar and nicotine in cigarette smoke without a negative impact on flavor).

2. Machinery to make the cigarette filter (U.S. Patent 3,636,825 Apparatus for conveying webs, to improve tobacco smoke filter manufacturing process. January 6, 1969).  Used by Pall Mall Rothmans in early 70's.

3. Recovery system for toxic and corrosive liquids. (U.S. Patent 3,965,005 Method and apparatus for evaporating and separating multiple component solutions or mixtures. November 22, 1974).  A significant international product.


Professional Engineer (late 60's to early 80's: PE Registered in VA, NC & FL).

Sigma Xi Scientific Honorary Society (innovative research for Master's thesis).

Multiple Bronze and Silver Telly Awards (as owner/operator of award-winning advertising agency).  Also won multiple radio and print-media awards.  Agency attained listing in the Advertising Agency Red Book (list of the world’s top advertising agencies).  Diverse local and national client base using the reach of multi-media including television, radio, print and publications including annual reports and case-bound product catalogs.

     Want more insights?  Contact me right now at or (804) 746-4450.  Please leave a message if I am away from my desk (or in meetings off-site), and thank you for your interest.